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Hardware Specifications

                 Processor Specs        Atheros AR9344
                 Memory Information        64MB SDRAM 16MBFlash
                 Networking Interface        1X10/100BASE-TXEthernet Interface
                 Frequency Range        5470-5850MHz
                 Transmit Power        27dBm(500mW) 

       Built-in 12dBi Dual-polarized Directional Antenna

       Horizontal beam width:360degree

       Vertical beam width:11degree

                 LEDs        1XPower/1XLAN/1XSignal Strength LEDs
                 RESET Key        1
                 Power Supply        24V Passive PoE Adapter lncluded
                 Grounding interface        1

Software Specifications

Virtual AP     8
     IP Set     Support static IP address,DHCP Client/Server
     Routing Protocol     Support
     NTP     Support
Second and third level function     Wireless     CPE,Bridge,AP Repeater
     IEEE standards     802.11a/n
     Routing     Support
     WAN port     Support PPPoE、DHCP client-side and Static IP
     Wireless roaming     Support fast-roaming on AP or CPE
     Wireless flow control     Support VAPS and user
     SNMP and VLAN     Support
     TDMA     Support
     Channel     20/40MHz
     Tunable power     Support
     Autoranging     Support
Tools     Speed test     Support
     Surrounding site detection / Channel Scan     Support
     Network package     Support
     Ping watchdog     Support
     Device scan     Support
     Spectral analysis     Support
     Antenna alignment     Support
     Traceroute     Support
Security policy     Encryption     Support 64,128bit WEP encryption,WPA,WPA2
     Certification     Support 802.1x, MAC address, PSK, WAPI certification
     SSID binding     Support
     User isolation

     Support AP Forwarding inhibition on second layer.

     Support Virtual AP (multiple  SSID)

     Prevent DOS Attack     Support
     SSID hide     Support

Model Comparison
IEEE 802.11a/n
Wireless rate 300Mbps
Power 27dBm
Antenna gain 12dbi