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PanelBridge N2

2.4GHz Outdoor Long-Range Wireless Bridge 




       PanelBridge (PB-2G20) is a 2.4 GHz High-Powered, Long-Range Wireless Outdoor AP/Client Bridge with a high-gain 20 dBi dual-polarization internal directional antenna ideal for Point-to-Point deployments up to 10km. It includes two (2) Fast Ethernet ports and is housed in an IP66-rated waterproof housing to maintain robust performance even in harsh environments. Its a smart solution for streaming video data for IP Cameras monitoring parking lots and it includes an additional Fast Ethernet Port (LAN 2) to connect a camera for this type of application.



                                                                                                  PB-2G20 Features

                                                                                                                               Strong 28dBm Transmit Power
                                                                                                                               20dBi Dual-Pol Antenna
                                                                                                                               Speeds to 300Mbps
                                                                                                                               Narrow-Focused Wireless Beam Reduces Long-Range Interference
                                                                                                                               Support open frequency from 2300 to 2700 MHz;



System Information

Processor Specs

Atheros Ar9344

Memory Information

64MB SDRAM、8MB Flash

Networking Interface

2x10/100 BASE-TX(Cat.,RJ-45)Ethernet Interface


Operating Frequency 2300-2700MHz

Tx Power Specs
Rx Power Specs

Data RateTx PowerTolerance
Data RateSensitivityTolerance
802.11b/g/n1-24 Mbps28 dBm±2dB802.11b/g/n1-24 Mbps-83 dBm±2dB
36 Mbps26 dBm±2dB36 Mbps-80 dBm±2dB

48 Mbps

25 dBm±2dB48 Mbps-77 dBm±2dB
54 Mbps24 dBm±2dB54 Mbps-75 dBm±2dB

802.11nMCS028 dBm±2dB802.11nMCS0-96 dBm±2dB
MCS128 dBm±2dBMCS1-95 dBm±2dB
MCS228 dBm±2dBMCS2-92 dBm±2dB
MCS328 dBm±2dBMCS3-90 dBm±2dB
MCS427 dBm±2dBMCS4-86 dBm±2dB
MCS525 dBm±2dBMCS5-83 dBm±2dB
MCS623 dBm±2dBMCS6-77 dBm±2dB
MCS722 dBm±2dBMCS7-74 dBm±2dB
MCS828 dBm±2dBMCS8-95 dBm±2dB
MCS928 dBm±2dBMCS9-93 dBm±2dB
MCS1028 dBm±2dBMCS10-90 dBm±2dB
MCS1128 dBm±2dBMCS11-87 dBm±2dB
MCS1227dBm±2dBMCS12-84 dBm±2dB
MCS1325 dBm±2dBMCS13-79 dBm±2dB
MCS1423 dBm±2dBMCS14-78 dBm±2dB
MCS1522 dBm±2dBMCS15-75 dBm±2dB



Enclosure Size




Enclosure Characteristics

Outdoor UV Stabalized Plastic

Mounting Kit

Pole Mounting Kit included

Max. Power Consumption


Power Supply

24V, 0.5A surge portection integrated POE adapter included

Operating Temperature

-40℃ to +70℃

Operating Humidity

0 to 95% Condensing

Shock and Vibration


Model Comparison
IEEE 802.11b/g/n
Wireless rate 300Mbps
Power 28dBm
Antenna gain 20dBi
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