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                                                    Made with high performance, high quality 195-series white coax cable 

                                                    Excellent low loss characteristics

                                                    Each assembly is fully tested ensuring the highest quality

                                                    Custom cable lengths available


                                                    Wireless LAN Devices

                                                    Wi-Fi Radios

                                                    External Antenna Applications

                                                    Wireless OEM Applications

                                                    RF Voice/Video/Data


Item #ModelCable TypeCable LengthCoaxial Connector
CA402-NMNM20NM-NM-RG402-20CMRG40220cmN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM50NM-NM-RG402-50CMRG40250cmN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM80NM-NM-RG402-80CMRG40280cmN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM100NM-NM-RG402-1MRG4021mN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM150NM-NM-RG402-1.5MRG4021.5mN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM200NM-NM-RG402-2MRG4022mN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM300NM-NM-RG402-3MRG4023mN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM400NM-NM-RG402-4MRG4024mN Male to N Male
CA402-NMNM500NM-NM-RG402-5MRG4025mN Male to N Male
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Cable Type RG402
Outdoor Waterproof Jacket
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