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To meet the needs of crowded place's wireless coverage

2.4 / 5GHz dual-band operating at the same time, five RF accessing at the same time, 

compared to ordinary dual-band AP access, the number of access clients doubled.

Both the clean and less interference of 5GHz frequency band signal, and the strong compatibility and further transmission distance of 2.4 GHz frequency band signal. 

While supporting five RF access (2 2.4GHz + 3 5GHz), compared to ordinary dual-band AP access, the number of access clients doubled, to better meet the needs 

of crowded place's wireless coverage.



High stability of the wireless network coverage

Can choose the appropriate channel,network stability.

AP will monitor dynamically the use of the wireless channel in the environment, can choose the appropriate channel to avoid 

the interference with the same frequency, to ensure the wireless stability.


Power linear adjustable, effectively reduce the mutual interference between the AP.

In the hotel / KTV and other environments, in order to meet a large number of the wireless client access,  need to deploy more AP, AP density, 

there may be interference between each other. According to the actual environment, reduce the transmission power of AP in the corresponding radio frequency, 

can reduce the mutual interference between AP,  and improve the stability of the wireless.


The network topology

Standard PoE power supply, simple management

1. The router enables the DHCP service (let the AP and the deployed wireless client obtain the IP address)

2. A computer running the AP controller software, and AP equipment connected to the same LAN


Installation diagram

Two kinds of ceiling/ wall hanging installation, flexible and simple.

Ceiling AP can be installed on ceiling and wall hanging. According to demand , to choose the appropriate installation.


Technical parameters


IEEE802.11b/g/n (3T3R 450Mbps);IEEE802.11a/n/ac(2T2R 867Mbps)

Working frequency

2400~2483.5MHz(Expand the scope: 2300-2700MHz)

5150~5850MHz(Expand the scope: 4920-6100MHz)


Built-in antenna:2.4G Gain 3dBi  /  5G Gain 6dBi

Output power

2.4GHz / 23dBm;5GHz / 23dBm

Receiving sensitivity


Maximum transmission

11n: 450Mbps(40M Channel width),216Mbps(20M Channel width)

11ac: 867Mbps(80M Channel width)

Wireless Security


Working voltage

48V/0.5A POE


1x10/100/1000M Base-T X (Cat.5/5E,RJ45) Internet access

Working temperature


Operation Humidity

5%~95%RH Noncondensing

Outline dimension




Model Comparison
IEEE 802.11ac
Wireless rate 1300Mbps
Power 23dBm
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